Current Issue: Volume 30, Number 1

January 26, 2016

  1. Editorial
  2. Opinion Leader: Paul Davidson, president, Universities Canada
  3. NSERC rejects CMC Microsystems proposal for continued funding support
  4. CIHR requests more funding as it grapples with fall-out from new competition structure
  5. Genome Canada seeking renewed funding to strengthen applications-based research and pursue international partnerships
  6. NSERC's Discovery Frontiers Initiative supports hydrogen gas research project
  7. Generic and brand name associations trade barbs as pharma R&D slips again in 2014
  8. NRC restructures executive suite, adds two VPs
  9. News Briefs
    • SSHRC community social innovation pilot awards $6M
    • Cyclone to boost capacity with FedDev funding
    • Ontario and Israeli-Arab firms explore collaboration
    • Westport signs private equity deal for up to $71.3 million
    • Qu Biologics raises $3.5 million in private equity
    • Waterloo FAI organization closes its doors
    • Biotech partnership may lead to merger
    • Former RBC executives spin out IVP fintech fund
    • CAE Healthcare launched NRC-developed neurosimulator
    • Leaders Fund launched for SaaS companies
    • Cisco opens Toronto innovation centre
  10. People

    Dr Ralph Paroli, Dr Lisa Crossley, Sameet Kanada, Nicholas Murray, Taylor Briggs, Mike Mueller, Dr Catalina Lopez-Correa, Stéphanie Lord-Fortaine and Dr Martin Taylor.

   Conference News
  • Early Bird registration is now open for the 15th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference. Reversing the Trend: Taking Canada's Innovation Game to the Next Level will take place 5-6 April 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel Ottawa.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended the first UK RE$EARCH MONEY conference Facing the Future: How FinTech and Alternative Finance are Transforming the World. To view presentations from the conference, please click here.
  • Keynote presentations from the 14th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference can be found here. Look for our complete Conference Proceedings coming soon.

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