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Current Issue: Volume 29, Number 6

April 16, 2015

  1. Editorial
  2. Opinion Leader: Dirk Pilat, deputy director, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  3. Genome Innovation Network reflects major shift in research support
  4. Nortel doomed by tech blind spots, buying binge and failure to listen to consumers
  5. NRC to play central role in Canada's $243.5-million commitment to Thirty Meter Telescope
  6. Conference explores how natural resources can benefit from greater innovation
  7. Quebec Budget balances books but contains little for research and innovation
  8. First quarter venture funding best since 2007 but fundraising suffers steep decline
  9. News Briefs
    • ISTPCanada latest federal research group to fold
    • CRC announces $139 million for 150 research chairs
    • College R&D projects awarded nearly $36 million
    • Clearpath Robotics raises $14 million in venture capital
    • Mitacs Elevate program receives $10-million boost
  10. People

    Dr Mario Thomas, Dr John Livernoise, Dr David Bentley, Dr Vijay K Bhargava, Dr Victoria Kaspi, Dr Donald Savoie, Dr Lorne Tyrrell and Ellen McGregor.

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